How It Works:

1. Choose a Class Starting This Week (or Next).

Your first payment will only include the number of classes left in the current month, and

  • Your student will progress through the program at their own pace earning ribbons and medals.
  • Students who attend more than one 30-minute class per week will get a discount on the second, third, and even fourth class per week.
  • If there is a specific class you want that is not available, we do have a wait list and can contact you as soon as that class becomes available.
  • New students who are unsure of their skill level can register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS before commiting to a weekly schedule.
  • Families with multiple students (or who have special scheduling preferences) should REPLY to any email recieved from Happy Fish in the past, or leave us a message on our CONTACT US page so we can better assist.

2. Automatic Monthly Re-Enrollment.

Your student will automatically be re-enrolled in their swim class(es) on the 1st of every month until you transfer or drop a class.

  • Tuition will be due on the 1st of every month for ALL the classes in that month.
  • We ask for all families to keep a valid credit card on file to ensure a smooth monthly re-enrollment.
  • Your saved credit card information will be stored SAFELY within our registration software.
  • If you ever experience a billing issue, please let us know. We're very nice.

3. Make Up a Missed Class.

Students who miss a regularly scheduled class will have 30 days to schedule a make-up class.
Make-Up classes are NOT GUARANTEED to be available when you want them, and we strongly recommend to attend your regularly scheduled classes for the best experience.

  • Students who miss a regularly scheduled class will be issued a digital Make-Up Token AFTER missing a class. The Make-Up Token will allow you to register for a Make-Up class.
  • Make-Up classes can be scheduled (online or in person) for any available class that takes place within 7 days of today.
  • Make-Up Tokens expire 30 days after the issue date. Expired Make-Up Tokens have no redeemable value.
  • Make-Up Tokens CANNOT be used in place of regularly scheduled classes.
  • If you would like assistance in scheduling a Make-Up class, please send us an email or talk with us in person the next time you are at Happy Fish.

4. Transfer a Class When You Want.

If you want to change your child's class to a different day or time, simply send us an email or talk to us the next time you are at the pool.

  • We DO NOT recommend that parents try to manage a child's schedule online as there are several factors that we take into consideration when recommending alternate classes.
  • Transferring to a new class means you relinquish your spot in the old class and allow for another student to occupy that spot.
  • Families should refrain from transferring classes too often. We have a very generous Make-Up policy as a way to discourage using "class transfers" as a way to not miss a class.

5. Take a Break When You Want.

Let us know when you are ready to take a break from swim lessons by entering a "Drop Date" or simply sending us an email indicating your last date of swim lessons.

  • All drop dates should be submitted BEFORE the 1st of the next month to ensure proper billing.
  • Families will receive an email at the end of every month as a reminder.
  • Families who have paid for the full month, but decide to drop a class in the middle of the month will receive a Happy Fish Family Credit for the full cost of the remaining classes in the month.
  • We DO NOT refund previously missed classes. Previously missed classes result in the issuance of Make-Up Tokens.
  • Happy Fish Family Credit can be redeemed for future lessons -or - can be refunded minus a $10 refund fee.

6. Come Back When You're Ready.

To restart swim lessons, simply go back to step 1 and pick up right where you left off.

  • We'll keep track of your student's level in case you forget.
  • Learning to swim will take time, and we want you to be able to choose when your child should have a break from lessons.
  • With that being said, we miss you and hope you come back soon!